Music Studio Lite App revisa


Assez complet mes impossible d enregistrer nos compos!???


Très sympa, mais dommage que la version pro coûte si cher :( Sinon très sympa !


Es un aplicativo absolutamente increíble para composición y edición musical. Nada que ver con otros pianitos de la app store. Vale la pena bajarlo.

Veramente bello

Molto superiore a GarageBand. Certo 11 euro non sono pochi ma al momento sembra il miglior sequencer su iPad. Sto scaricando la versione full !

Alejandro Lasteros su YT

Bellissima aaappp!!

Horrible Disgrace

Every time I play the keyboard sound never plays, just quiet Not only that, the echo. Who ever made this should learn how to make a proper music app.

Keyboards music studio

Tantalizing fun never ending entertainment

Awesome app

It’s great for music lovers and for beginners.just the best

I love this app, but...

Look, i really love to make trance music on this, specially trance classics which i like to remake in here, but the full version has ethereal pads and more synths which the lite version is missing, would you mind adding only two pads on the lite version? and the synth piano? pleaaaaaaaaase, i really love this app but i can't afford the full version, thanks. u.u


I can’t even get a piano note to play without a tremendous amount of echo or reverb.


I paid for the full version on Google Play, so is it possible to get it for free on my iPad?

Till it crashed 😳

I was enjoying this free app with 10 and a half hours of beats, riffs, soundscapes, noise, etc. About a year and a half of having a blast; then one day a little note popped up that said there was a corruption in my last session! Lost all the work because my I-phone which I still have cause of financial situations is slowly shutting down. I never purchased the better MS app and it cost me all my work on Sunday September 10th 2017. I've felt lost since, so whoever gets this app make sure you take the proper precautions to eliminate situations like mine.

Haven’t even tried it

Haven’t even tried but it SOUNDS reeeaaaaly coooool!!!!!! 🎵🎶🎵🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵

Complex but very useful

Can do so many things, and there are instructions for everything (although a little confusing to find) but once you get used to all of it it’s great to use.

Can u rap

Can u rap?

Music studio review

I really liked this app and I found it four years ago. I like to play around the features but it took me a little time to figure everything out. Over all though, this app is AMAZING. I recommend it to any one who loves music.

Really cool but...

I want to import my own sound from my iCloud Drive but it doesn't let me. How do I do this?

Very good production quality

As a Pop star/ music artist of 25 years in the music business I have used a lot of music APPs/programs and played on a variety of keyboards including Yamaha , Koss and Roland. The maddening thing is a lots of them are severely limiting rather than helping an accomplished artist to achieve the best music production possible. This app is impressive because it has modern up to date editable samples, that are in sync with today's modern music style. A Pop artist like myself doesn't like an expensive cakewalk software suite with a lot of old sounding riffs in the song, I like modern, professional clean sounding and easy to fit in the song. I am almost convinced enough to actually buy the full version. This App has Apple's garage band beat all to heck. Garage band has very few samples, and it's functionality is very limited. I say that having the full professional version of Garage band. This App shows some real promise. I will play around with it a little longer and see, but this app is good quality and is sounding promising and it might just be fit for the music stars!!.

The Breakdown Behind Music Studio

This is amazing app, with all its features but some drawbacks. If you're familiar with D.A.Ws Digital Audio Workstations like Fruity Loop Studio/FL Studio, Ableton, LMMS Linux Multimedia Studio, Ardour then this app should be no surprise. As of this review, 2017July08 version 2.8 Lite, Music Studio features: pre-fabricated/recorded/install musical instruments, instrument filters like •"pan" for left or right sound speaker channels •to "attack" adjustment of fade-in rate of sound/note/music oscillation •to "release" rate or when note ends for crisp and prolong sounds lending itself towards fuller echoes. •It also features automation of volume on instrument channels but no separate distinction of same instruments on different channels or 'voices'. Example if you have 2 pianos but on different channels and want different automated volume pattern changes, it is not yet possible. Maybe in the next update. •Also you can record your own sounds to develop new instrument and/or sounds to compose from or buy the full upgrade Music Studio to unlock more instruments. All of which may prove quite daunting for the beginner or casual musician but for the serious musician they will go out and learn a little bit of music theory and sound design/engineering on DAWs to make their own unique timbre, unique sound signature of any instrument or iconic instrument sound off trend music. What this app does not support yet is: •the ability to import Virtual Studio Technology VSTs, preconfigured and adjustable instruments and portable mini-DAWs workstation sound boards like the commercial bought FL Studio or free LMMS. •Nor is micro-tonal or multi-temperament tones play supported - if you're inclined towards electronic genre type music, •drop-in chords and the church scale modes - also lends itself well towards epic and electronic genre type music when employing scale modal modulation switching from blues Mixolydian scale to brighter Lydian scale for fuller musical **texture**, •and no overlay instrument channel notes viewer to see music composition 'voice/channel/instrument' comparison. As a recommendation for future capability is collaboration with another fellow Music Studio user over WiFi to add socialization dimension to this already outstanding app. All-in-all, you've come to the right place and picked up the right portable and decent running music composing/portable DAW mobile app. Truly one of best mobile DAWs to bless the Apple iOS and OSX App Store/ecosystem! Please support the developer/s! Thank you!

love it

love it.. .. thank you xo ..LaLa


Thank you

Amazing...but there's one problem

Love it, but a can't scroll into the higher octaves. I don't know how it happened but can you somehow fix it? Thank you for the wonderful app.

Making music for God

This isn't the greatest God app. But it's the best portable studio in the universe. Thank you.


Exactly the type of keyboard app I was looking for!!!

Everything you want

Been using this app for about three years now, one of the best apps I've ever had. Love you


Simply amazing

Worst app ever

It's just bad

Stop the Echo!!

This thing seems to default to a very annoying fading repetitive slapback echo with anything played. Is not listed under the Effects, and there's no way to turn it off!! Until that is fixed, this application is useless to me. It would be fine if it was listed as an effect and you could turn it on or off when you wanted it - however, to have it present all the time is simply a poor design.

Technically the free version of fl studio

Honestly the same thing, but slightly better

iPhones best studio

All my experience this is top notch


I just wanted to say I have never been so IMPRESSED! Definitely recommend this app! Also, this took me a while to figure out but if anybody wants to get rid of the demo track, just go to tracks and keep hitting delete while the song plays haha there are a LOT of tracks so it might take a while.


It's a great app and I decided to download the full version. Can I download my song from the "lite" version since I have it downloaded. It's just a little confusing for me. Please help!


Great app! Check out the beats I make using this app in Soundcloud! Soundcloud : TJ-R3X Like and share please!


I will give it 5 stars but when I record my music it doesn't play back. It's just silent. Please fix this bug

Great Concept App

Great App! 4 Starz because there are currently major bugs that need work. The app glitches during recording, and won't let you record without glitching out of control. I am using a Sprint iPhone 6s.

10 out of 10

Love this app so much!!! Thanks to whoever the genius was!!!❤️❤️❤️

Tremendous app

Shout out to the Dev. Great app!


Really creative midi workstation and quite a bang for the buck in the free version enough that I will buy the full in all probability.

Best music app

This is the best music app I've ever used.its easy to get around in, has lots of instruments and the notes on the keys for beginners. If you're a beginner, I recommend this app


You should have to pay for this app! Plain and simple. If you are an artist or engineer, you will appreciate this tool!

Great App

Nice wished I was more talented.

Awesome intro to the recording side of music. love it.

best app so far!

Handy. ;)

This app comes in quite handy when composing.

Thank you music studio ❤️

Like many said if anyone is having some issues with the app is due to personal preference, it depends on what you're comfortable with, i started making music in this app in 2011 after learning the basics of music daw in fl studio 7, and thanks to this app i got introduced to soundcloud for the first time. When i knew that u can upload your music straight from your ipad/iphone etc. and now after 5 years i took it to the next level, and i have my homestudio. THANK YOU MUSIC STUDIO❤️❤️ If u have doubts about my review just check out my music. And be the judge Soundcloud/dat-tune

Lite version is really cool

I'll probably have to go and buy the normal one

The app is good but need more items

Perfect jjj lol


Great app

My opinion

I think that it is pretty great but at first it can be a little confusing ( I learned the hard way ) after that I am hoping that it will be a little less confusing!


Good for a free app- but it really needs to be able to save songs. Otherwise, what's the point of a lite version at all?


Best free app I've ever had

Yes, but...

This app is great. It has good starting abilities like Hip-Hop drums and some instruments, along with Reverb and Filtering and global Limiter. You can even record your own audio. Once you figure out how to use this app well, it is great. The absolute ONLY reason I give this app 3 stars is because you have to get the full version for Saving & Exporting. That really gets on my nerves, because other apps that are worse then this one come with save and export for free. In order for me to give 5 stars, this problem NEEDS to be fixed.

Excellent and intuitive

The learning curve on this app is really easy. After ten minutes(in which I admittedly was very confused and frustrated) I have already become very comfortable in the program. I've had no prior experience to this DAW stuff but have been looking for good ones and this is great, especially for an iPhone app. Great app on a tiny screen.



No universal problems.

Any issues people have with this app is personal issues due to their comforts and preferences. Once you get used to this app there are no real problems anymore. The $15 full version is a near-identical concept to the $200 computer versions. For anyone who wants to try making music, or even people who want to try making music professionally, this is the perfect place to start to get a feel for how the real software works. Best App I've ever had a in a long time!

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