Music Studio Lite App Reviews

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Bon boulot !


Great job !!!

Absolutely fantastic, kept me delighted at every feature I could try since installed ~1h ago. Ill surely buy the full version. Thanks a lot for your amazing competent work !!!

Very good

Interface its very easy!! Congrats!!


Great app


Absolutely incredible. The best app about producing sounds. Definetely the finest jewel between the others.


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Simply the Best!!

Toll App!

Super App für composition!

Yes yes yes

Finally, a sequencer for my iPhone that isnt built around needless gimmicks or backwards thinking. This software is exactly what Ive wanted since the very first time I saw a smartphone. Its got everything I want, and none of the silly, puzzling innovative revolution in music creation crap that Ive been disappointed by all this time. Im gonna buy the full version if its around ten bucks. Havent seen the price yet

Oh my god

That the best ever app in the world, its touch your spirits with demos music OMG;) thats GOD of apps


Its gr8 an everything, but theres 1 feature I reely want added 2 th lite version; saving ur work. I mean, some ppl dont want 2 spend 15$ on apps, so they get th lite version. But it doesnt matter what th lite version can do unless u can save.


This has to be the essentisl music creation app for the iPad. The breadth and flexibility of this product is amzing. When people were imagining media products that would show off what an iPad could do, this was what they were dreaming about.

Fantastic aPP!

A beatmakers must app. I use reason and logic to make beats and truth be told I enjoy using this more than my computer setup. Hawtest music app ever.

great app

I hav my iphone full of app, this is one of the best, well done!

Great free app

The pay version looks great, but even the free version is hours and hours of time-wasting fun!


cannot save


Easy 2 use. U can save your tunes. If u have an audio cable that u can plug into your stereo, and a computer with a mic port u can, using a recording program


This is such a good app, better than garage band in so many ways, they just dont even compare. I encourage people to get the full version to take advantage of all of its features and instruments. Although this app (lite) is restricted in some areas (but not too many that it isnt worth a free download), its a great preview for the full thing. just try it out, youve got nothing to lose, its free! And great for making all genres of music, even for beginners but more than perfect for professionals.

Its okay

The music studio Is okay but not worth buying if you see in free version. Its not the same as GarageBand because I would suggest GarageBand to you all for worth the money.


Great creation tool for music lover. Too bad you can zoom out on the keypad so you can get more notes on the ipad.

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